Amie really wanted to do her Gold Arts Award and the artistic director of Attik gave Amie the opportunity to do her qualification with the support of the dance company. Attik Dance offer high quality experiences ensuring that dance is accessible to all young people.

Art forms

Visual art, printmaking and photography.

attik dance

Arts practice

Amie worked with Kerry Elliot, an art teacher with a keen interest in printmaking, and with local photographers Sean Hurlock and Steve Tanner. She developed her own creative practice by spending time with the photographers, asking questions and experimenting.

Work experience

Amie spent some time with the resident photographer at Knee High Theatre where she worked on a project that connected the audience to the production. It was beneficial for Amie to work in a professional environment and put her practical skills into action in a vocational setting.

Research and review

Amie researched photographers Amanda Bell and Roger Hooper. She explored all ways of gaining further qualifications in photography and practical ways to improve her skills as a photographer.

Arts debate

Amie says

‘I really felt quite strongly about the impression that the media creates for young people, especially girls. Trying to create an unreal image and having unrealistic expectations to achieve. I felt that this topic was also quite strongly related to the medium of photography. It was interesting to see the opinions of others too. The research made me more aware of the correct use of digital alteration eg. in landscapes and adverts. Although I can see both sides of the debate, my personal opinion is that alteration should not be used, and that things aren’t meant to be perfect and unrealistic.'

Leadership project

Amie ran a workshop based on developing creative skills in photography. She then produced an exhibition of the work produced. Different to a traditional exhibition, the pictures were displayed as a walking journey.


Amie says

‘I have learnt such a lot, but mostly to be as creative as you like. Not being scared of giving something a go and increasing my confidence enough to carry on with it'. What I enjoyed most about doing your Arts Award was learning a new skill, and managing to pull of a successful exhibition! My job is completely unrelated to any art form, which was why the Arts Award was so great, it gave me the opportunity to carry out my goals. It was a great opportunity, and I'm really glad I did it. Special thanks to (my adviser) Sally Robbins who supported me so well throughout the process.’

Amie, Gold Arts Award