RIO's second piece of region wide research has now been published.

This is the second phase of intelligence gathering across the south west, commissioned by RIO as Arts Council England Bridge Organisation for the south west. Focussing on cultural education in the region, the report builds on the debate started by the NFER study study for A New Direction in London, published in 2012.

Matt Little, Director at RIO, co-authored the report, he said: "This study focuses on cultural education in schools in the south west, the extent of schools' engagement with cultural organisations, and the opportunities, challenges and issues arising for all those involved in this area of work."

“The central theme to the report is one of overwhelming and all-encompassing change. But what we find in the context of a dramatically changing landscape are real opportunities to create outstanding cultural education for young people. The cultural sector has the opportunity for radical innovation and to help shape and support new and changing schools – but they need to do this on the basis of a deeper understanding of the education sector, and we hope the report will help build that. And for us, as leaders in cultural education, Arts Council England, and commissioners of arts and culture across the region, we must work together to clearly demonstrate the value of cultural education, as well as supporting innovation in this area."

"This report does not offer one single solution, but it does share a raft of new thinking around cultural education as well as very practical ideas and advice for schools and cultural organisations. I hope those working in this field take the opportunity to read it, immerse themselves in the debate and use this report to spark meaningful conversations and analysis within their organisation and in the wider sector. It is vital that, against a backdrop of change, we respond positively and find new and imaginative ways to keep high quality cultural education flourishing for children and young people."

Click here to view the report in full.