Theatre Alibi are preparing to launch their in-school tour for Autumn 2017, and the time is nearly up to register your school for this fantastic educational theatre experience!

Theatre Alibi creates imaginative and high-quality work for audiences of all ages. The company tours to a huge variety of venues, from the tiniest village school to some of the best-known theatres in the country. They’re nationally renowned for the way they bring stories to life using physical performance, thrilling live music and imaginative sets, props and puppetry.

This Autumn, they’ll be performing Apple John by Daniel Jamieson.

“A woman sits on a train. As it rocks her through the countryside she feels the kicks of her baby inside her. She starts to eat an apple and finds that, strangely, the seeds inside have already started to sprout. Then she throws the core out of the window. Whoosh. A jolt and the baby is on its way. John is born. And that night, out by the railway, an apple tree starts to grow too.

Apple John tells the stories of John and the apple tree side by side. Both are full of the usual stuff that lives contain - blizzards, bicycles, rock’n’roll, train sets, heatwaves, love, blossom, accidents, hurricanes, fruit, babies, false teeth, sadness and more love.

Bursting with original live music, playfulness and puppetry, Apple John delights in every moment without the need to utter a single word.

It’s a tale about growing up, finding your roots and adding rings to the trunk. The show serves as a valuable springboard to explore follow-p work across the curriculum including Spoken Language, Creative Writing, Science, Art & Design, History, Music, English, PSHE and Drama.”

To apply, click here and press ‘Book Now for Schools’. This production is accessible to hearing and deaf audiences alike. The specifications are as follows:

Age Range: 5-11

Length: 1 hour approx.

Performance space: Width 6m x Depth 6m x Height 3m

Deadline: Fri 9th June

Touring dates: Autumn 2017

Theatre Alibi tell stories with themes that engage children across the full primary age range. Their last show, The Boy Who Climbed into the Moon, adapted from David Almond’s novel, was about finding your voice and believing in yourself. Other recent productions have inspired children to read (I Believe in Unicorns), create art (Cabbage Heart) and explored ways of coping with anxiety (Mucky Pup).

Their work for adult audiences includes Fish Eye, Falling, Curiosity Shop, Goucher’s War and Spies. Theatre Alibi is a Registered Educational Charity supported by Arts Council England and Exeter City Council and recommended by Devon County Council.