We'd like to congratulate and welcome Megan Dunford on her new role as the Chair for Dorset Children and Young People’s hub!

Introduction: Who you are and what you do?

Hello! I am Megan, I work at Bridport Arts Centre as the Exhibitions & Participation Officer and Dorchester Arts as the Participation Officer. I am also a freelance, curator and event organiser and am currently supporting Dorchester Youth Theatre

What is your background within arts and culture?

I have always enjoyed the arts, and making it in particular! I studies at Thomas Hardye School then did my foundations in Arts & Design at Somerset College of Art & Technology going on to complete a Fine Art Degree in Painting at UWIC in Cardiff. I graduated and moved home in 2011. Starting as a volunteer at Bridport Arts Centre then with a day a week exhibitions assistant role, then approached Dorset Visual Arts and worked with them on different projects and events. I have progressed and managed to build up a portfolio of arts jobs since and I love combining the participatory work with Visual Arts!

Congratulations on your new appointment as the young person chair of the CYP hub - why do you think it is important that it is a young person in this role? How will it benefit the group as a whole?

Thank you - I grew up in Dorset and am familiar with the cultural landscape here. How it is now compared to just over 10 years over has changed significantly. I still struggle with the idea of what 'young' means as it does mean many things to lots of organisations. By being the chair I think I come with a very relevant sense of how young people experience the arts in Dorset and the knowledge of the barriers they face in accessing them. I am very fortunate in that the people who are part of the Hub group are all so passionate about involving young people at every stage, but I would like the group to start thinking about how we include and talk to young people in more creative ways. I think there is definitely more scope to work collaboratively across the arts too.

What opportunities would you like to see more of for young people in Dorset, Bournemouth and Poole locality?

I would like to see more support for young people that want to be event organisers and run start ups - Whenever I talk to young people across the county they have the most creative ideas and I think should work with them to make these become a reality.