Clore Leadership Programme.

“This course, although beautifully constructed, is so much more than the sum of its parts. Bringing large and small organisations, artists, freelancers and people from funding bodies together creates a mood for action and in these under-funded days, creates informal collaborations, and provides the skills to make change happen.” Clore Short Course Participant

You will have the opportunity to reflect on your strengths, motivation and leadership style in order to be able to lead authentically: as yourself, not anyone else.

Each Short Course is different and we tweak the programme to reflect feedback as well as current trends in the sector. Examples of things you might learn include coaching and deep listening, authentic leadership, strategy, finance, fundraising, risk management, presenting with impact and managing change.

At the Clore Leadership Programme we want to encourage applications from all corners of society. Diversity and equality are essential to a healthy cultural sector and unleashing the potential of talented leaders from any background. Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) people, as well as disabled people are currently heavily underrepresented in leadership roles in the cultural sector in the UK. We welcome and would like to encourage BAME and disabled candidates to apply for the Clore Short Courses. A wide variety of bursaries are available particularly for disabled leaders, independent artists and those with caring responsibilities. This year we also have specialist bursaries for former dancers, heritage sector professionals and those working in arts & health.

"Clore balances practical and necessary learning with an emphasis on self-awareness and self-improvement, encourages you to seek out support and help from the right people, creates a network you can continue your learning through, and gives confidence in the knowledge that leadership takes many guises." Employer, Clore Short Course Participant...

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