Bridge Organisations across the country have recently begun galvanising arts and culture organisations to become Artsmark Partners.

The Artsmark Partnership Programme will launch to education settings nationally later in the spring. The Programme is designed to enable Artsmark settings to meet and collaborate with a range of high quality cultural partners.

Artsmark supports education settings to improve, evaluate and celebrate arts and culture. The Artsmark Journey provides educators with a framework to understand and measure their progress in relation to their arts and cultural provision, supporting them to deliver their goals for whole school improvement. Artsmark is recognised by OFSTED as a method an education setting can use to demonstrate their social, moral, spiritual and cultural requirements.

As a cultural organisation, the benefits of understanding the Artsmark process by becoming an Artsmark Partner are far reaching. Not only will you become part of a database used by Artsmark education settings to search out cultural partners, but you will gain an understanding of the requirements expected of those settings and a much deeper sense of arts and cultural practice in schools. This will allow you to ensure your education offer is relevant and suits the requirements of education settings today.

Both Artsmark and Arts Award have an extensive positive impact on children and young people; they are great tools. As your Bridge Organisation we champion Artsmark and Arts Award and the huge difference they can make. If you’d like to find out more about either initiative or register your interest for a future Artsmark Partnership Programme Training Session email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. This programme will help you develop long-lasting relationships with education settings; we have already run 3 of these sessions and over 60 South West organisations have climbed on board so far – we would love you to join us.