New Adventures is looking for the best and brightest young talent from across the UK to apply for a chance to be part of a brand-new Matthew Bourne production.

Following the success of Lord of the Flies, in which the cast was made up of professional dancers and young men from the local community, this new production will feature both young women and men. New Adventures are looking for 10 dancers to perform on the main stage of their local theatre alongside professional dancers.

Dancers must be aged between 16 and 19 on 1 February 2019 and will ideally have had at least 3 years of dance training or experience and a solid grounding in contemporary and classical technique, preferably from within CAT schemes or independent dance schools. They do, however, accept and celebrate that not everyone’s path into dance is traditional, so encourage applications from those with a natural gift and aptitude in dance and performance. They’re also looking for application from anyone from different dance styles and backgrounds.

To apply, send in a 30-second video of you showing off your best dance moves strung together into a sequence that really shows off your talent, your personality and character.

Visit their website here for the application process and more information.

Photo by Mirza Causevic on Unsplash