Action learning is an inspiring approach to professional development that offers a small group of peers a structured and reflective way to explore the issues they face. You can read more here.

It can support you in your professional development by:

Helping you to step outside of your day-to-day pressures, enabling you to reflect and view your work from a fresh perspective.

Giving you the opportunity to develop ideas, see connections and hear about others’ experiences across the region.

Using active listening, questioning and sharing feedback, with the group challenging and supporting you to identify your own creative solutions to take away and act on.

Helping you and/or your organisation to build networks and partnerships across different parts of the arts sector and beyond.

Giving you an understanding of other practices, roles and organisations.

Participants in the last Action Learning set shared how valuable it had been to talk, have time to consider issues more deeply and feel part of an artist community. As well as a shift in thinking and increase in confidence for many of the artists, it resulted in developing artistic practice, from taking on a new studio, forming a new artist collective and challenging work and practice.

The action learning set will meet together for a full day, every 6-8 weeks. With the first set starting in June 2018 up until March 2019 (a total of six whole days initially) and the second set starting in September 2018 up to June 2019. The first day will be an introductory day to action learning and to Joanna Ridout, our Learning Set facilitator, a UK expert in this field. Joanna will facilitate the rest of the 5 sessions with the aim that the set can be selffacilitating if participants wish it to.

As demand will be high across the two sets, individuals will be selected by application but CG want to make this a simple process. They cannot guarantee a place for everyone who is interested – they will make judgements based on the right mix of people in each set and your ability to commit to the six sessions, including the introductory day. Set members will agree dates for the following five set meetings at the introductory meeting. They will expect participants to contract for attendance on all of these five dates.


Taster session Thursday 17 May, 1.30 – 4pm

Applications open Thursday 17 May

Application deadline Monday 4 June, 5pm

Successful applicants notified by email Friday 8 June

Introductory day – set one Wednesday 20 June

Introductory day – set two Friday 14 September

For more information on how to apply, please email