Young Cultural Journeys: Full Report

Jul 17, 2018

Insights and Understanding of Young People Today and their Varied Journeys to Engagement in Arts and Culture

The key findings and insights from a groundbreaking piece of research undertaken by Morris Hargreaves McIntyre, the largest cultural strategy agency in the UK and arts organisation We Are Frilly who are specialists in developing and delivering high-quality participatory arts practice.

Read the full report here.

Read the Executive Summary here.

“The voice of young people shines through this insightful study. Through creative peer-led qualitative research with 146 10-18-year-olds and a demographically representative survey of 1,607, the study provides rich and robust evidence that illuminates the place and meaning of arts and culture for young people.”

Jo Hargreaves, Director, Morris Hargreaves McIntyre

“This study gives a rich and insightful snapshot into the lives of digitally native young people in the West Midlands, and their attitudes to culture – as they define it. Our research aims to provoke creative and cultural organisations keen to engage young people into challenging their existing programming and engagement strategies, enabling a more responsive and agile sector.”

Kirsty Hillyer, Director, We are Frilly

“I am very excited to share the key findings of this comprehensive research that provides Arts Connect and the arts, cultural and education sectors with an authentic voice from the young people in the West Midlands.”

Susan Goodwin

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