‘Primary Creative Computing’ – A Free Webinar

Oct 23, 2018

In an ever-changing digital world, with increasing technological skills demands on teachers, Arts Award has partnered with A Little Learning to run a Primary Creative Computing webinar to give you some simple, creative computing ideas and techniques you can use within the classroom, linking to both literacy and maths curriculum for KS2.

Through this webinar you will find out about Arts Award Discover & Explore and their links to the primary curriculum. A Little Learning will give practical advice on using accessible digital platforms within your school, including resources and tools you can use within your setting, focussing on the following programmes:

  • Power Up!, which includes literacy mapping to computing
  • Algorithmic Art, which maps to the maths curriculum

Dave Darch and Francesca Gkotsi from A Little Learning are experts within the digital world, delivering many workshops for pupils and developing CPD for teachers in areas such as animation, robotics, coding and iPad orchestras.

The Primary Creative Computing webinar will be held on Wednesday 7th November, 3.45-4.45pm. In order to access this free webinar please register your details and you will be sent a link to attend live.

Can’t attend on the day? Don’t worry, all of Trinity’s webinars are available to access after the date for free through registration.