4MinuteFilm Challenge

Oct 26, 2018

Interested in the arts?
Interested in filmmaking?
Give your young people a chance to have their say.

The 4MinuteFilm Challenge is your opportunity to have a go at making a short film with young people you work with, about a sculpture in your area and receive £100 bursary to help you along the way!

Art UK and CultureStreet want to work with 24 groups of young people UK-wide, aged 7-19 years (or up to 25 years for young people with SEND) to create a series of films about publicly owned sculptures.

Each group will receive a £100 bursary to support the production of the film. Art UK and CultureStreet will provide you with online resources to help you make your film and support you to select a sculpture if you don’t already have one in mind. The films must be no longer than 4 minutes long and must be produced by and with a group of young people, who should retain ownership of the project throughout. The young people should be able to express their ideas creatively and be technically involved in the whole process.

Your group must be a registered company or charity, or other type of formal organisation such as a school, college, local authority, youth club, arts organisation etc.

The 4MinuteFilm Challenge is a great way to increase your young people’s confidence, develop their skills, support them to make decisions and work as a team, and create a film that thousands of viewers will potentially see.

Technical Requirements

All you need to take part is the ability to film and edit your film. You could be filming on iPads, using free editing software or high end digital cameras.

Application Process

The 4MinuteFilm bursary can only be offered to one organisation per region of the UK (24 in total) so apply NOW by completing this short application form and emailing it to info@culturestreet.org.uk

You can submit your application at any time but the deadline for submissions is 30th November 2018.

You will be notified if you have been successful by 11th January 2019. Your film must be completed by 7th July 2019.