Artsmark – Find Out More!

Feb 20, 2019

Interested in Artsmark, but want to find out a bit more before taking the plunge?

Pop along to one of our free, informal sessions for teachers to have a chat with RIO consultant Gary Futcher about what Artsmark entails, what opportunities and advantages it provides, and the type of support you’ll receive in your journey.

Book onto an upcoming session below:

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Tue 5th March

3:30pm – 5:00pm


Wed 6th March

3:30pm – 5:00pm


Fri 8th March

3:30pm – 5:00pm

There are no strings attached; you won’t be expected to sign up to anything while you’re there (though we hope you will want to when you get back to school!)

Artsmark underwent a radical redesign in 2015 by Arts Council England. Those of you who may be worried it entails piles of paperwork and recording data will be pleasantly surprised. It is now intended as a school improvement tool to help you look to the future (with just two short documents required across two years!), not a retrospective look-back.

Artsmark is for all sorts of education settings, from primary and secondary schools, to pupil referral units and sixth form colleges, so pop in, have a cuppa and a chat, and hopefully you’ll leave feeling informed and prepared to begin your journey into Artsmark!

Recent News

The EBacc is Failing Both the Arts and Itself

In the latest House of Commons report on Culture, Media and Sport, the impact of the EBacc on music education is listed as a “threat to the talent pipeline”. Whilst the report hesitates to admit any concerns from ministers themselves, it highlights a variety of issues...

£15,000 Grants Available For Teachers

SHINE’s Let Teachers SHINE competition is offering up to £15,000 to teachers who have brilliant ideas to help disadvantaged children succeed in English, maths or science.

ACE plans to match crowdfunding for Music Education Hubs

In response to a 2017 pilot project that found arts and heritage crowdfunding donations increased by 17% when the project was match-funded, Arts Council England is planning to develop further projects to support Music Education Hubs (MEHs) nationwide with match funding.

Artsmark: Not What You Think It Is

When I mention Artsmark to most teacher friends and colleagues they initially pull a bit of a face. What they don’t realise is that, with significant advice from schools, it was completely re-designed and relaunched in 2015. It is still Arts Council England’s creative quality standard but re-framed as a powerful curriculum review and support tool, designed to help ensure that arts and creativity are at the heart of a broad and balanced learning experience for young people.

Artsmark – Find Out More!

Interested in Artsmark, but want to find out a bit more before taking the plunge? Pop along to one of our free, informal sessions.

Is Anybody Listening?

Just before Christmas it seemed there was positivity in the air for arts in education. And yet it seems the January gloom has darkened expectations again, with a number of recent reports once more highlighting the perilous state of the arts in schools.

Young Roche Artists

Do you know a young person who is a keen artist? Would they like to develop their understanding of art concepts and practical making skills? Are they between the ages of 13 and 18? Then Young Roche Artists is for them!

National Orchestra For All

The National Orchestra For All is a unique, mixed ability orchestra made up of 100 musicians aged 11-18 from across all four countries of the UK.

How Did We Get Here?: The Dangers of Sidelining Creative Education

It seems we have drifted into a world where ongoing funding for all schools and colleges has been replaced by initiatives, projects and schemes that make great announcements but do little to deal with real issues.

The National Theatre’s Drama Teacher Conference

The National Theatre’s Drama Teacher Conference is 2 days of inspiring professional development, exploring theatre practice through workshops, discussions and masterclass with a variety of fantastic theatre-makers. The weekend is taking place 21 – 22 February 2019.