The pressures educational leaders and professionals, are under is undeniable. It has been inspiring to witness how education settings and their communities have worked together to engage children and young people during the challenges of COVID-19. In particular we have noticed the increase in opportunities to use arts and creativity to support self-expression and as a route to continued learning and well-being.  

Would you like to influence the kind of support available to your school from the arts, cultural and heritage sector?  

All ten Bridges across the UK are working together to gather intelligence on how we can better understand your needs and support you in the new academic year.  

We are reaching out to you to ask if you could complete a survey which should take only 8 to 10 minutes of your time.  

Your opinion will be reflected in the advice we offer creative professionals working with children and young people all over the country.  

Analysis of the findings will help us to support you in the way that you need and influence how your setting might gain access to support from the arts, cultural and heritage sector.  

Take the survey here

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