Interested in working in a digital and virtual format with library staff to co-create and deliver a series of creative interventions with children, families or young people?

Libraries are needed more than ever as we cope with Covid 19. Children and young people have experienced a period of upheaval, uncertainty and profound change in their home, school and social worlds. They need imagination and creativity in large doses as they make sense of what they have been through and what next.

Libraries are great places to do this – they stretch across Gloucestershire – they are free and very versatile – you can borrow a great book, use a digital sewing machine, connect to the internet or just find out about what’s happening in your local area.

As a legacy to Art of Libraries change programme with Create Gloucestershire, the organisations will be launching the Art of Libraries toolkit which is all about how artists and library staff can co-create an irresistible creative programme for children and young people to inspire and encourage them to be creative and try something new – music, drama, storytelling, circus, animation.

The toolkit shares a plethora of both creative and practical ideas from a test pilot we ran in partnership with 6 Gloucestershire based libraries between 2017-2020. Because this first edition was written before Covid 19 – in what now seems like a distant planet – a time when library staff could welcome children and their families into the library to paint, draw, make a mess without social distancing – without hand sanitiser and masks; they are delighted to announce 2 commissions for artists and library staff to work together to test out new ideas for an additional chapter –Running Digital Events in Libraries – building on the toolkit and stretching it to fit the new circumstances we are now in.

More details here.