It’s a really challenging time for many as we’re all acutely aware. However, for young people who have left school, education, university who find themselves in a hugely difficult economic climate, their careers, building skills for their future and maintaining energy and motivation to get there is an enormous challenge.

Real Ideas have been working with young people who have found themselves caught in unemployment and finding it hard to breakthrough and move on. With investment from DWP to facilitate activity to specifically supporting young people in Cornwall, we have been operating Cornwall’s youth hub. We build confidence, motivation, unlock skills and passions and enable young people to start to find a pathway for them with entrepreneurial flair.

The programme is built around what we do best, challenge-based learning, and the enterprise challenge mirrors the employability skills the participants also develop alongside, where they practise scenarios to gain experience which carries them into employment or self-employment. These challenges organically equip them with essential skills in communication, getting on within a team and initiative fulfilling a role, confidently pitching an idea, project planning, providing constructive feedback and problem solving.

At the start of the programme, we ask the participants to suggest ideas which solve a problem in the world around them, which they then vote on and develop. By the close of the programme, they pitch a complete presentation to their target audience. The whole challenge is heavily informed by discussions around value, what the world needs and how to solve a problem. Carrying on this enterprise beyond the programme is not the aim here (although a great progression). It is the ability to speak up, present information clearly, feel validated as a team member and solve problems, which is the real outcome. The work helps them build a portfolio and evidence for their CVs and we walk alongside them and support as they make choices about their futures and validate their skills and experiences awarding them through digital badges. The experience is helping them to start to ruffle their feathers and spread their wings many are now ready to test flights through a Kickstart Placement and some are just poised to soar.

We are currently working with several groups and one of them in particular needs your help! The Emerging Creatives group are mid-way through their programme and developing a presentation based on their idea for creative collaboration in Cornwall (initially). As part of their market research, they have produced a survey for creative practitioners at any stage of their career. Having good quality market research data can elevate a busines pitch from just an idea to a viable concept with real customer demand. They would therefore be very grateful if you could forward the survey below to any creative practitioners in your network:

If you feel that you could offer a Kickstart Placement that will enable a young person to undertake paid work for 6 months and really enable them to have a solid launch pad then visit our website / member area and there is lots of information about how you can do this:

If you feel you could help us to help in other ways then please reach out if there’s an opportunity you could offer and contact