Schools Anthology – Save Our Seas!

Each year the University of Plymouth creates an anthology celebrating the talent of the city’s young people. They’re on the lookout for submissions from students, from which the best will be selected and published in the anthology.

The 2021 creative writing anthology, Save Our Seas, will be accepting submissions on the theme of plastic and the ocean. Young people under the age of 18 can help raise awareness about plastic pollution by sending in their work for an opportunity to be featured in this year’s anthology.

Submissions can be poetry, prose, short stories or illustrations. This theme centres around the effects of single use plastic on the local environment and wildlife. As Britain’s Ocean City it is important to contribute to this cause by preserving Plymouth’s stunning coast and the incredible array of wildlife living around it. 

To stimulate and encourage individual or group entries, the University of Plymouth have provided pre-recorded, bespoke creative workshops available online for schools and parents. They can be viewed in classrooms, integrated into online teaching or recommended to parents as a home learning opportunity. There are 2 workshops, one for ages 5-7 and the other aimed at age 7+. They can be accessed by following the links below:

Workshop 1 Video and Worksheet 

Workshop 2 Video and Worksheet

 Or contact if you would like to receive a download of the videos.

How to Enter

Please include the details of the contributor, their age; school and schools contact email at the bottom of each submission. Please email entries to

For those who are not able, or are too young, to write for themselves, or who have composed a piece orally, a scribed piece will be accepted. The age limit is 18 years old. All entries must be the original work of the named entrant.

The deadline for submissions is Monday 1st March 2021.