Are you aged 12 to 18? Can you play an instrument confidently? Would you like to play by ear, develop your creativity and have the
opportunity to audition to join the National Youth Folk Ensemble?

Sign up for a free online Sampler Day! 

Each Sampler Day features:

  • online music workshops with highly skilled professional folk artists
  • online Q&A with Ensemble staff
  • optional short online audition, if you wish to apply for the National Youth Folk Ensemble (please note the auditions are for people who are 14–18 on 1 September 2021)

Sampler Days are open to players of any instrument. No experience of folk music is necessary. All playing and learning will be done by ear. You are welcome to book for any date, however it is recommend that you book for your closest event if possible, to meet other young musicians from your area. 

For more information and to book your place visit the English Folk Dance and Song Society’s website here.