Travelling Light Theatre Company presents 17 & Squeak Gobbler, an exciting new story and free resource for schools.

Inspired by lockdown, three short films introduce two characters and an age-old tale about finding common ground in an uncertain world.

Seventeen is brave and curious, some might say too brave and too curious. When his dad asks for a volunteer to undertake a dangerous mission up into the Big Blue, only one paw is raised. Seventeen’s.

This is a matter of life and death. Is there really a Squeak Gobbler living right above their heads? And if there is, will they all come to a sticky end? It’s up to the audience to save a little life and create harmony where there is discord. Can you find the right words to win the day?



This Year, due to Covid-19, it has not been possible to reach young people with our stories in traditional ways. 17 & Squeak Gobbler has been created during a period of exploration, curiosity and play. It is a free resource for schools to use in classrooms, with supporting activities available to promote speaking, listening and wellbeing; to provoke questions and encourage children to create their own stories.


If you would like to book for your school, please get in touch with Lizzy Stephens, Creative Learning Officer: