This week sees the launch of Climate Action: Race to Zero, an international collaboration to engage young people all over the world in climate action. Focussed on COP26 and beyond, this collaboration involves some 20 organisations from the UK, Europe, Asia and Africa who are offering a range of exciting opportunities for young people to get involved in discussion and action.


2021 is the year of COP26 which is widely seen as a last chance for the world to come together to commit to realistic action which will aim to keep global warming below 1.5oC. Young people continue to play a crucial role in this. Their voices, their energy, their creativity can all be harnessed to change attitudes, generate ideas and find solutions.


Highlights of ‘Climate Action: Race to Zero’ include:

  • Innovation awards to 100 young people to take their ideas forward.
  • A Speak Out challenge to create a wall of videos, with workshops for schools and others in the UK and downloadable materials which can be accessed worldwide to create a “wall of videos” of young people speaking out. And another which will focus on “MyBit YourBit” what young people will do and what they expect those in power to do.
  • A Climate Olympiad and a Designathon to harness younger people’s creativity.
  • A range of exciting challenges using crafts, planting and music to engage young people. One challenge already launched is to create a “Future Dictionary” of words form a warming world.
  • The acclaimed AimHi climate course.
  • A “March of Dimes” fundraising initiative being developed with Virgin Money Giving to collect small sums from as many people as possible to support young people’s projects, such as a 12-year old Ugandan girl who is planting trees.
  • Creating a global community of at least 10,000 young activists for sharing and collaboration.
  • A special focus on engaging young people in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, which is being developed with local partners including the Eden Project in China. And another in Southern Africa. More regional initiatives are planned.


This collaboration has been brought together by Michael Norton’s Centre for Innovation in Voluntary Action and The Do, the award-winning platform for purposeful action. The pandemic has been a wake-up call for the world; but climate change is far more serious. Climate Action: Race to Zero has three themes: Understand Better; Speak Up and Speak Out; Do Something Now, and it is action that counts in our race towards zero (emissions).


For further information and to find out about the awards, challenges and opportunities to participate in the Climate Action: Race to Zero programme go to or contact Simone O’Donovan: