Georgia Wade: Me, Myself and Why #LoveArtsAward

Why I decided to do the Golds Arts Award, what I did, and how it helped me grow in confidence and creativity.


After graduating from BIMM Bristol this previous September, I am now a graduate of Professional Musicianship (Vocals). Soon after leaving, I went and started an adventure with P&O, working as an Entertainment Manager, performing every night. Trained in music, but with previous experience all over the Arts industry, I am now looking to gain as much experience as I can doing different jobs of which I love. The Arts Award has 100% made all of this possible for me.


So to begin… For my Gold Arts Award I decided to focus my two subjects around Dance and Song writing/composition. Making dance my main art I thought was only suitable due to having 14 years’ experience behind me in tap, jazz and ballet.

On the other hand, I was then asked to choose an art form that I had less experience in, but was something I’d like to explore and improve. With little rational thought behind this I blurted out something I’d always wanted to be able to do, but had no experience, or even knowledge in. It wasn’t until I walked away from my meeting with the practitioner that it started to dawn on me… I don’t know how to write a song!

However, it soon became apparent that this didn’t matter, and that I was lucky enough to be helped and encouraged by the amazing team at the Everyman Theatre Cheltenham, who supported me through each challenge.

The Whys and Highs…

My reason for choosing the Gold Arts Award… I found myself at a very confusing part of my life. I was lacking confidence but wanting to pursue a career in the arts and audition for drama/musical theatre schools. With a lot of pressure from school, claiming that these next decisions would ‘decide your entire career’, AKA: your life, (which they don’t by the way)… I really struggled to decide between the ‘sensible’ choice of trying to pursue a career in marketing/graphic design, or go down the route of performing arts and forever be poor, not having a ‘real job’, as many people say.

With this in mind and after running to my drama teacher at the time, now a good friend of mine: Mandy Johnson, I decided to take a year out in order to gain experience and fully prepare myself for auditions to pursue my absolute dream of being on stage. Mandy was who told me about the Gold Arts Award qualification and after hearing about it I wasted no time applying as it sounded like a great opportunity.

From being optimistic about my decision, I unfortunately faced another knock that would change my plans yet again. ‘I just don’t know when you’ll be ready’, said a singing teacher at the time. Taking everything to heart, I decided that was it and I would pursue the ‘sensible’ option. I decided to go to the University of Gloucestershire to study Fine Art, hoping for a job in graphics or something like that – who knew what I wanted. The only thing I did know was that I had to continue doing the Gold Arts Award, as it was just too good of an opportunity!

I moved to Cheltenham where I started my degree in fine art, whilst also working alongside the Everyman Theatre Cheltenham and Rednock School in completing my Arts Award.

There were so many highlights from taking part in the Arts Award; from working so closely with all the lovely staff from the Cheltenham Everyman Theatre, to seeing myself grow in confidence, developing new creative ability I never dreamed of. This was encouraged so much by the Everyman, who even allowed me to compose all the music for one their productions: ‘Teechers’ by John Godber. I went and watched the production and sat there, programme (with my name amongst it) in hand, amazed that I had actually achieved this, and that they had been so brilliant to give me these opportunities amongst the theatre.

Another highlight was definitely the voluntary work element of the qualification. For this, I helped at the theatre’s summer school for children, as well as working alongside Mandy at Rednock School, choreographing routines for the schools musical, and creating the set design. This made me realise that I would love to work with children in the future and pass on my skills to others.

I Wouldn’t be Where I am Now

Doing the Arts Award alongside my first year of university in Cheltenham made me realise that I shouldn’t have picked a degree which I thought would guarantee a more definitive job, but to follow and believe in myself to not only do something I enjoy, but what I want to do forever.

Once I had completed the Arts Award, I felt quite sad. Sad that I would now have no performing element to my studies. From this feeling, I was inspired to look around other universities and other options to do what I love. It was then that I discovered BIMM Bristol and truly believe that the Arts Award made me realise what I wanted to do.

Don’t ask Questions.. Just Do It!

I would encourage anyone, at any point in their life, to do the Arts Award. It made my confidence grow and allowed me to explore a huge amount of creative skills I never knew I had. If you’re worried about the workload… don’t be! It’s never work if you’re enjoying it so much.