Liskeard’s Lost Books

RIO have been working with schools from St Barnabus Multi Academy Trust on a project called Lost Books, composted of a series of singing workshops and a performance on Friday 7th December at Liskeard Library.

Over 100 children drawn from across the local Liskeard area made the books in Liskeard Library come to life with a very special serenade on the 7th December, with the help of local musicians Emma Mansfield and Roger Luxton.

Supported by the Real Ideas Organisation, schools from the St Barnabas Multi Academy Trust were invited to create a new song, celebrating the many stories that could be found hiding in the shelves of the library.

As part of their Arts Award ‘Discover’, the children worked with Emma and Roger to create lyrics and write a song together, shared across five schools.

“It was amazing to see all the children in the library, some for the first time, changing their ideas about what might happen in the library” said Sarah Waller from RIO. “The sound resonated right out into the street and I’m sure made the books very ‘happy’ to be sung to by the children”.

As part of the project, the children created a ‘Lost Book’ – a book wrapped in a brown paper package – to gift to another child. These were books already loved and donated by the children that needed new readers to enjoy them.

Annie Kenton, Head of School at Quethiock C of E School, said,

“At all the six schools in St Barnabas Multi Academy Trust, we believe that children learn most from real experiences. Reading is high priority and working with the library service and RIO to inspire our children to read more for pleasure through such a creative project was an amazing opportunity. The sense of achievement they gained in using their writing skills to create an original song with ‘real’ musicians was something they will never forget. That is true learning and life memories are what we are all about in St Barnabas MAT.”

‘The Lost Books’ marks the start of new stories to be told in Liskeard Library, with the Real Ideas Organisation developing a new relationship with the building and library activities.

“We are really excited about working with children and staff from the St. Barnabas MAT in the future, not only in how Liskeard Library can offer exciting new opportunities, but in working with them to support their ambitions for developing enterprising and creative young people” said Jemima Hurlock of RIO.