Oldway Primary School: Our Artsmark Journey

“We want to celebrate the arts across the whole of Torbay and leave a legacy of artists and musicians”
Oldway Primary School, situated in the heart of Torbay, strives to reveal and harness the personal talents and interests of every pupil and provide access to a broad and varied curriculum.

Check out the video above to learn more about Oldway’s Artsmark Journey.

“For me, Artsmark is essential to ensuring that the school continually reflects on the provision for the children and I feel very passionately that schools have a responsibility to teach a borad curriculum and to teach more than just literacy or maths or even history… I think every child has the right to sing, every child has the right to learn drama, to have access to an instrument and start themselves on a journey that might change their lives” Lou Darvid, Arts Lead, Oldway Primary School

Want to find out more about Artsmark? Learn more here or get in touch with our team.